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To protect law clients from dishonest conduct in the practice of law.

The National Client Protection Organization, Inc. (NCPO) is a not-for-profit membership corporation which was organized in May 1998. NCPO is foremost an educational resource for the exchange of information among law client protection funds throughout the United States and Canada.

NCPO's purposes include providing help and support to protection funds and programs to protect legal consumers from dishonest conduct in the practice of law. Toward that end, NCPO's efforts include this interactive site on the Internet, a quarterly newsletter The Client Protection Webb, and regional seminars for the sharing of experiences and administrative techniques and procedures.

The annual meeting is an event held in conjunction with the American Bar Association Standing Committee’s National Forum on Client Protection.  

The ABA National Forum on Client Protection is “a national educational, informational and networking event for professionals working in the area of client protection.”




Regional Workshops provide members with valuable information on a variety of topics involving client protection.  

A workshop assistance program is available for members who qualify.

Members of the National Client Protection Organization possess a huge body of knowledge and experience when it comes to client protection mat­ters. We are more than happy to share what we know....with anyone!

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The Hecht Award honors the memory of Maryland Attorney Isaac Hecht and his lifetime of vigorous advocacy in support of law client protection programs throughout North America, and his professional service to the legal profession. The Hecht Award recognizes individuals and professional organizations that have demonstrated “excellence in the field of law client protection.”

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